some of SOPHIE's music sounds like tripping in a construction zone. but it's a super gay and interesting construction zone, and there's nothing like it!

listen to SOPHIE. she'll expand your horizons.

old men, uspol adj 

HERE IT IS. Video of Nigel Farage actually getting milkshake thrown on him

feeling glad about the fact that I will never have to use a Quaternion. "normal" vector calculus I can do, but tell me to rotate a model in 3d space? no thanks buddy, I'd rather die than use non-communicative algebra. suck my ass, William Rowan Hamilton

me in bed tooting โ€œEVERYONE WAKE THE TF UP I GOT THINGS TO SAY ๐Ÿ“ข๐Ÿคโ€

just in case anyone forgot, FUCK MITCH DANIELS!

Just kidding, i'm actually one of the most intellectual and powerful women in your life

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