mario kart is good because it's not good enough that i get stuck playing it


help help help gec help gec help help gec gec gecgec gecgec gecgecgecgecgec

i cant enjoy other music gec when 1000 gecs is the only thing I think about. i can't do this. I gecgec gecgec cant

i dont understand how its possible to gecgec make an album this good. every single song is off the rails and even gecgecgec is a fucking BAnger

i cant keep friends. i just text them about gecs and they hate it. and even if they do like it its the only thing i talk gec about any more so eventually they just fucking ghost me.

i don't have long term aspirations or life goals any more. im living minute to minute, my next stupid horse fix is the only thing on my mind

i need help (immediately). 1000 gecs is destroying my life

functional programming frees the factory workers of object oriented programming.

me: By becoming married, I implicitly endorse the institution which queer theory has fiercely criticized and who's conclusions I ultimately after with.

my therapist: u cant just use leftist theory to avoid talking about the effects of ur parents divorce on ur conception of relationships

me: Actually, that reminds me of Mark Fisher's discourse on the privatization of mental health in Capitalist Rea-

some of SOPHIE's music sounds like tripping in a construction zone. but it's a super gay and interesting construction zone, and there's nothing like it!

listen to SOPHIE. she'll expand your horizons.

old men, uspol adj 

HERE IT IS. Video of Nigel Farage actually getting milkshake thrown on him

feeling glad about the fact that I will never have to use a Quaternion. "normal" vector calculus I can do, but tell me to rotate a model in 3d space? no thanks buddy, I'd rather die than use non-communicative algebra. suck my ass, William Rowan Hamilton

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