Also many students visas are in jeopardy, putting them under the whims of the racist trump administration.

if you are as outraged by this as you should be, donate to the strike fund to support the fired students:

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54 striking students have been fired by the union-busting UCSC. This is actually unbelievable. Despite students across the UC putting their jobs on the line, UCSC would rather retaliate than negotiate. The fired students were already striking because they could not afford to live, what does UCSC think they're gonna do now?

police brutality 

Here it is! The grand finale of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Should Python really be able to defend its title? Is C still the lingua franca of programming in 2020?

You decide!

Numbers are a myth brewed up by the liberal elite

“Teens shouldn't have to go to those lengths to socialize privately on Instagram, said Liz O'Sullivan, technology director at the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project.… ‘She shouldn't have to have these psyop [psychological operations] networks with multiple people…’”

gnu governance 

gnu governance 

inbox zero is a scam invented by Big Email to sell more email clients

Twitter screenshots, chud getting owned 

Three years after the W3C approved a DRM standard, it's no longer possible to make a functional indie browser

Imagine running the opinion section of your newspaper in such a way that this fact would be so notable as to warrant a headline

oh no Twitter is going to implement activitypub

I like how once a month the TL breaks down into gecposting for a day

@cela @ikdc what's the relationship between hyades and xvm/invirt? curious as ocf starts seriously considering working on this kind of system

mario kart is good because it's not good enough that i get stuck playing it

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