i need help (immediately). 1000 gecs is destroying my life

i don't have long term aspirations or life goals any more. im living minute to minute, my next stupid horse fix is the only thing on my mind

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i cant keep friends. i just text them about gecs and they hate it. and even if they do like it its the only thing i talk gec about any more so eventually they just fucking ghost me.

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i dont understand how its possible to gecgec make an album this good. every single song is off the rails and even gecgecgec is a fucking BAnger

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i cant enjoy other music gec when 1000 gecs is the only thing I think about. i can't do this. I gecgec gecgec cant

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help help help gec help gec help help gec gec gecgec gecgec gecgecgecgecgec

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