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just in case anyone forgot, FUCK MITCH DANIELS!

Just kidding, i'm actually one of the most intellectual and powerful women in your life

"dirty reactionary" Comrade Oski shouts as they sorry mdcha

Here's another one: how sbout when ur eating dinner and some food comes out of ur mouth cause ur a goblin but nobody saw it so it's ok

Rehere are so many good reasons to be alive, like when youre walking down the street and u think a bee got in ur hair but ot actually did not

@cg505 it’s always cowboy times partner! 🐎 yeehaw! 🤠

imagine you work hard all night drafting a toot. It gets 100 likes and 50 boosts. then someone else on your instance posts "pee pee poo" and eugen takes half of your likes and boosts to give to the other person. wouldn't be fair would it? That's socialism

My overlapping social groups have me constantly mistaking "fuck the police" and "file transfer protocol"


just typing out "mastadon" pisses me off. how do you fuckers do it

food shitpost 

Reminder to not cross the picket line tomorrow and avoid using all rideshare apps. Help out workers in their struggle for fair pay!!

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