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Do I let my profile be indexed?

zizek proves the horseshoe theory of attractivity is real.

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If I shitpost about philosophy enough, do I wash off all the CS germs on me.

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reading philosophers based on their ideas?

u fools. the only True Metric is their attractivity.

singer? Lame. utilitarianism? Boring.

marx? beard daddy. communism? YEET.

foucault? you mean turtleneck daddy? a postmodern analysis of knowledge and power? 👅👅

I rest my case.

"dirty reactionary" Comrade Oski shouts as they sorry mdcha

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my dream OCF is where I'm cancelled due to being too conservative

My overlapping social groups have me constantly mistaking "fuck the police" and "file transfer protocol"

just typing out "mastadon" pisses me off. how do you fuckers do it

@minos where did the lettuce go to church? At a 상추ary

Ahhh, love the sounds of my knuckles cracking before I get on the computer and post a hot take, online

please stop sending me .docx files... the little stallman inside my computer cries everytim

The local timeline is just one really big group chat

Shitposts that are funny are praxis. Shitposts that are not is fascist

im not saying im planning a coup against the other mods, just that if i did, the first rule would be no landlords allowed

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