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why are retweets called boosts we BOOSTING each others TOOTS

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i hate mastodon. wtf is a toot? bitch im gonna kill you

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i left the lds church for many reasons, didn't even know about cesletter.org/CES-Letter.pdf !! i'm dying, they rly snatched the LDS church's wig, i-

i check in every once in a while, it's funny to see how the church gradually becomes more fcked up over time.. didnt think that was possible 🤭

it helped me have courage to leave the church and not feel like i was Going ✈️ Hell. also, it was comforting to know i wasnt alone.

i used to know every single little aspect of that show better than i know myself

they should've hired me to write the ending

adventure time was once my favorite show of all time

just remembered adventure time exists... extremely angry all over again bc of the ending

i am so sick i am extremely bored i am very tired i rly miss @keur

this is what it’s like living with Indy the Lovebird™️

update: still sick but at least i sort of have my voice back

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